Aug 27, 2018

Al shabaab Kenyan recruits forced to carry dead Somali fighters

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Peter Mbuvi alias Yusuf Noor who was an Al shabaab recruit has opened up about how foreign fighters in the Al shabaab are mistreated by the local fighters and heads of the militia group.

He joined the militia group in 2017 and stayed with them for a year before he was lucky enough to escape. In an exclusive interview with a Kenyan news agency the fighter who defected from the group three months ago said he could no longer endure the suffering he was undergoing in the hands of the militia.

Yusuf who surrendered to KDF early this year spoke of how foreign fighters are mistreated in the camps by local fighters and what disgusted him most was how foreigners were forced to handle the dead bodies of local fighters killed in the battle field.

“Despite the torture and starvation we underwent, we were forced to carry the bodies of the local militants who were killed in war, but the bodies of foreign fighters were left behind.,” he continued to say “when we arrived in the camps we were forced to clean the bodies, most of were badly disfigured.”

Furthermore he said that the started having nightmares because of handling dead bodies and that it was affecting him psychologically. Yusuf is now in a rehab centre in Kenya and will be released back into the society once he is ready to be reintegrated into the public.

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