KDF Officers Offer Medicare To Residents Of Hoosingo, Somalia

The Kenya Defence Forces serving under African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) conducted a medical camp in Hoosingo on Monday. The free medicare that was carried out at the community health center in the town located in the southeastern Lower Juba region of Somalia drew many residents in dire need of medical attention.

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Over 100 local women, men and children were treated with common ailments such as malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and flu. The locals, once victims of Al Shabaab’s insurgency lack medical facility following destructive attacks by the militia group that has since fled the area. Locals now depend on treatment from the security officers and other stakeholders on the peacekeeping mission who carry out the same in other regions of Somalia and the North Eastern region of Kenya.

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The locals some of whom had deteriorating health were given special attention by the medical practitioners as children and pregnant women received vaccines. Abdirahim Abdullahi a father of four says his wife passed away after giving birth to their son and left the infant behind.

He says he is appreciative of the officers who go beyond boundaries to assist the community and most importantly provide health care. Abdullahi expressed his gratitude to the officers who provided him a maternity package which he says will assist in ensuring the welfare of the baby and will assist in planning meals for the 3month infant.

This initiative is among a series of other CIMIC operations as part of the continued support to Somalia locals where KDF troops are deployed under AMISOM.


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