Aug 14, 2018

Kenyan Business And Religious Leaders Speak Against Al Shabaab

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As Somali people rise against rag-tag militia Al Shabaab in Somalia, in Kenya, the Muslim fraternity is on a mission to cut out radical Sheikhs, Al Shabaab recruiters and militants masquerading as religious leaders.

In a joint statement by the Muslim Business Community and SUPKEM, the leaders urged the community members to ensure co-existence with other religions and not to allow divisive Al Shabaab radicals to come in between them.

“We cannot allow these evil-minded people to destroy the good working environment that we have for all here in Eastleigh and Kenya at large. These militants have destroyed Mogadishu, once a business hub for East and Central Africa. We should not allow them to also continue using the good name of Islam to instill fear and atrocities upon innocent people…” read part of the statement.

The leaders also urged the community to work hand in hand with security apparatus in winning the war on terrorism and flash out the Al Shabaab remnants and sympathisers leaving within the community.

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