Angry Locals Take Al Shabaab Militants Captive

Al Shabaab militants are reported to be fleeing from towns they previously controlled south of Mogadishu as joint operations by Somali special Forces also known as “Danab” and AMISOM gain momentum. In a daring turn of events in the small town of Goobweyn, armed locals assisted in these operations by kidnapping some of the militants with the threat of death if they tried to escape.

“We found seven Al Shabaab militants kneeling down at the Goobweyn town square with locals including women holding weapons to their heads”. explained one of the SNA soldiers gleefully.

The locals had reportedly received news of the operations by security forces led by KDF sparking an atmosphere of defiance that led to the daring feat. The Danab Forces reportedly seized several camps where the group’s fighters train children into fighting against Somali forces and African Union troops.

In another instance, several militants were reportedly tortured and killed after a secret riot was organized by some of the youth. There were reports of harassment and victimization by the militants directed towards these youth who had apparently refused to join the group.

This forceful recruitment of children and young men has been the trigger for mass shows of defiance by locals across the central and southern part of Somalia.

Somali security official, Mouse Nour Shueb says the special forces captured Goobweyn, Yontoy and Turdo areas near Jamaame town, some 30km north of Kismayo.

“Our forces seized several Al Shabaab targets without fighting. The group’s fighters retreated”, he said. There was no immediate comment from Al Shabaab over the claims.






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