Aug 9, 2018

KDF Rolls Out Vaccination Camps In Lamu County

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The Kenya Defence Forces soldiers-KDF who are currently conducting the multi-agency security operation Linda Boni have rolled out several medical camps in the areas of operation to residents in dire need of Medicare.
Today, more than 100 children under the age of 5 years residing in the areas of Milimani, Basuba, Mangai and Mararani received the Polio Vaccine administered by medical personnel drawn from the Kenya Defence Forces and the Ministry of Health.

The medical care camp is one of the many CIMIC operations undertaken in the county including community initiatives intended to re-build the Lamu community as past events have seen heinous raids and attacks by Al Shabaab militants in parts of the county leaving many dispensaries in the vicinity paralysed.

The operation by the security personnel is in line with the ongoing polio vaccine campaign by the ministry of health an Outbreak Response plan to stop poliovirus transmission, since the detection of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 in April this year.

Residents of Milimani, Basuba, Mangai and Mararani expressed gratitude for the free service offered saying the operation aids in interacting with the forces who have been spoken against by the Al Shabaab. Such operations have helped improve security in the area as civilians work hand in hand to flush out Al Shabaab sympathisers and terrorists.

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