Police Collaborate With Students In Fight Against Terrorism in Kenya

The National Police Service has partnered with schools across the country to counter violent extremism through music festivals.

The office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) has, therefore, sponsored a number of school’s music festival groups at zonal, sub-county, county levels, all the way to the national level that will be staged in Nyeri on August 6-18

Speaking to the press at the NEP Technical National Polytechnic in Garissa town where the North Eastern Regional Secondary School’s music festivals are being staged, Alex Ndili from the IG’s office in Nairobi said that they chose music because ‘it communicates effectively’.

“Time has come where we have to partner with the society. We want to reach out to the young people who are very informed, outgoing and energetic. We want to create a narrative against recruiting them (youth) into Al-Shabaab and other similar terror groups,” Ndili said.

Ndili further said a research had shown that recruiters of Al-Shabaab are targeting young people.

“We know that radicalization is happening within our society. And we are very concerned with the young people in our schools both primary secondary and higher institutions of learning,” said Ndili.

He said that the aim of the partnership is to reach out to not only students but the whole society adding that the likelihood of the recruiters luring them was high. On her part, Everlyne Njeri a senior superintendent of police and a counsellor said engaging the students through music at an early stage will go a long way in the war against radicalization.

“Music festival is a venture that the police can use to be able to reach out to the young people who are mostly targeted by terror cells,” Njeri said.



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