Aug 3, 2018

Resistance Against Al Shabaab In Somalia On The Rise

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Resistance against the rag-tag militia Al Shabaab in Somalia is on the rise. This is after Somali locals in parts of middle Shabelle and middle Juba refused to pay tax imposed by the militia.

Al Shabaab convinced locals in areas it controls that they must pay taxes so that they can be protected against what they termed as western-backed militaries in Somalia like AMISOM and the Somalia National Army.

After paying the taxes for years despite Al Shabaab increasing tax rates upon their wish, locals are now saying enough is enough.

“What are these Ugus protecting us from?…look at areas AMISOM control, the people are comfortable doing farming and livestock keeping in peace and businesses are booming, forces provide medical care for free. Here Al Shabaab take our livestock and even come to our shops to demand money. This time round we will not pay, we will kill them before they kill us” Says Aliow Farah a resident in Bay region, southern Somalia.

Al Shabaab use the taxes collected to run its operations, without these funds the militants will not effectively be able to conduct its operations inside Somalia. Just like its leader who is bedridden with Stomach Cancer the group is also on its death bed and their days are numbered.

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