Muslim Women Come Together To Fight Al Shabaab

Muslim women have come out strongly to curse the atrocities committed by the Al Shabaab terrorist group. Through a media statement released to newsrooms, the women dubbed  ‘Muslim Women Against Al Shabaab’ (MWAA) highlighted some of the unreligious activities the out-lawed group was engaging in. Some of these atrocities include misuse of Islamic terminologies like Allahu Akbar, Jihad, Hijra among others.

While advocating for peaceful co-existence amongst all the religions, MWAA condemned Al Shabaab for dividing Kenyans along religious lines. “Killing religious leaders including priests and Monks is not Jihad or a religious fight”, the statement read in parts.

The women continued to highlight the plight they have suffered in losing their children to Al Shabaab. Most of the innocent children are brainwashed and sent to Somalia to fight the so-called ‘holy war’, where they are killed in battles or executed by the same terrorists. MWAA criticized the militants for misusing children from other families while theirs are spared.

They dubbed the group as ‘Enemies of Progress’ due to the wanton destruction of property for the last decade, killing of children and women and exposing them to malnutrition, lack of medication and education. MWAA has vowed to work hand in hand with the government in ensuring that the war on terrorism is won.



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