Aug 3, 2018

Militants Amputate Young Girl For Playing Soccer

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Al Shabaab militants have amputated a 15 year old girl for playing football. Hasina Ali who is an orphan from Anole village was spotted by the militants playing with her brothers in the backyard of her grandmother’s house.

One of the militants approached them and began yelling at the grandmother for allowing the girl to engage in haram practices in her presence. He then grabbed the young girl and promised to punish her as an example in front of other villagers.

The militants took the young girl and took her to the village square where there is an Al Shabaab court. She was later tried before the court and a punishment of 100 lashes and amputation of her right leg were ordered. After the sentencing, she received her lashes and the militia later cut off her right leg as the crowd watched in horror.

The militia group said that they are not going to let anyone play soccer in the area and no one should be found in possession of a soccer ball. They said those who do not adhere to the declaration will be punished accordingly.

The Al Shabaab militia group is known for conducting heinous atrocities around Somalia. They claim to be Muslims yet all they do is cause death and suffering while leaving behind a trail of destruction.

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