Aug 3, 2018

Al Shabaab militants killed after destroying Telecom Mast

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Al shabaab militants have destroyed a communication mast near El Wak town in the Kenya- Somalia Border paralysing communication in the area. Local residents said the militants used mortars to attack the Telecommunication mast located in Samaroole. After the attack the militants went on to harass the local residents, extorting money from local business persons.

KDF forces laid an ambush on the militants and killed 5 of them as others while others escaped with serious injuries.

A villager, who asked to remain anonymous, said huge explosions were heard as gunshots and explosions rained down on the Al Shabaab militants. This is not the first time Al Shabaab militants are attacking a Telecommunication mast, however, security forces have intensified operations against destruction of property and protection of civilians in the area.

The multiple attacks on telecommunication masts seen before by locals of El Wak has ailed communication but by collaborating with security forces, the situation has turned around as telecommunication companies strive to maintain good services in areas with such hostility.

Residents expressed relief and gratitude for the timely arrival of security personel.


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