Al Shabaab Did Not Capture region, Jubbaland State Says

A senior Jubbaland state official says the regional forces backed by National army soldiers have repulsed an ambush by Al-Shabaab militants against their base in Gedo region.

Osman Nur Hajji, who is the deputy governor of Gedo on security affairs has denied Al-Shabaab claims of capturing Seetaalow area near Garbaharey on Sunday after an attack.

Speaking in an Interview with local station Radio Shabelle, Hajji has announced that the allied troops are still in full control of the village, adding that Al-Shabaab fighters were repelled.

The official said that Jubbaland and Somali government forces outgunned the militants and inflicted heavy losses on Al Shabaab, killing several members of the group.

Al Shabaab continues to lose ground to Somali and African Union troops in intensified attacks on the terrorist group and the growing collaboration between the forces and civilians.


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