Jul 26, 2018

Al Shabaab Member Stoned To Death For Sodomizing Young Boys

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Residents of Howlwadag district stoned an Al Shabaab member and recruiter for sodomizing young boys in the community.

A resident confirmed that the recruiter, who is 25 years old, had indeed defiled three boys aged between 4 and 9 years. The recruiter would lure the boys with a ride on his donkey-drawn cart and also buy them sweets and when they reached a secluded forested area, he would forcefully bundle them on the ground and defile them.

One of the boys narrated how he was lured by the man while he was on his way to school. The boy was given sweets and he agreed to accompany the man. But when they got a forested area he carried the boy on his shoulder, went deeper inside the forest where he raped him.

The young boy aged 6 was rescued by villagers after he screamed for help fleeing from the deep forests.

They ran after the man, beat him up and stoned him to death. After word went round that the recruiter had been stoned other boys came forward and revealed how the recruiter had promised to offer them money in exchange for sex, but when they declined, he would use force.

Area police Commissioner Yussuf Hassan has urged locals to flush out Al Shabaab members within their community to avoid cases of sodomy and rape. The Al Shabaab terrorist group has infamously become known for recruiting children into their group and sexually assaulting them.



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