Jul 25, 2018

Al Shabaab Recruiting Persons On Dating Sites

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The advancement of technology and easy access to internet connections has greatly changed the way we communicate. Terrorists and other violent extremists are taking advantage of this and changing their means of recruitment. Long gone are the days where terrorists used to recruit through face to face conversations.

Terrorists nowadays have changed tact and are now using social media as a way of recruitment. This is aided by the fact that most people have access to smart phones and social media platforms. They have chosen to capitalize on the fact that a large number of teenagers and even adults can easily get access to the internet.

With the rising use of smart devices and thousands of applications being developed on a daily basis it is easy for terrorists to initiate contact with their targets. Terrorists have adopted a new trick which they use to lure their targets.

Teenagers and adults are nowadays using dating sites to get lovers and friends online and the Al Shabaab recruiters are taking advantage of that. The recruiters create pseudo accounts and use them to entice young boys and girls. They can organise for lunch dates or movies with an aim of earning the trust of their victims.

For adults they use sex as a way of luring their potential recruits. They organise for sex dates in private places with unsuspecting adults. It is here where they are drugged and abducted. Those who fall into the trap end up in Al Shabaab camps where female recruits are used as sex slaves and male recruits are used as the militia fighters.

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