Jul 17, 2018

Taking Photos Could Be A Sign Of Terrorism, Citizens warned

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Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter owners are being warned that photography can be a sign of terrorism. The United States Department of Homeland Security has now made steps to formalize that notion after a pull and push from scholars and experts in the photography industry.

With the current age of selfies and multi-camera smartphones, incidents between photographers and security forces trying to usher them away from buildings and cites have been rampant. This is following extreme caution from security agencies and authorities, not only government buildings but also public facilities.

It’s no secret that photographers regularly have to cite their rights when being told they are not allowed to photograph certain places or buildings and therefore the issue of rights versus security have come up.

However, with constitutional rights considered, how a person takes the photo, what they take a photo or video of could easily land them in trouble, seeing as this is a matter of national security.

“Did you know photography and surveillance could be a sign of terrorism-related suspicious activity?” tweeted DHS

Photographs and videos have been used before and still continue to be a jackpot for terrorists when it comes to planning offensives against enemies. Terrorists use the actual location visuals to locate entry points, exit points as well as weak links in the facility and with the kind of information, the militants are capable of launching distasteful atrocities on the target.


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