Jul 9, 2018

Al Shabaab Logging and Plastic Ban A Mere Joke

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The Al Shabaab militia recently imposed a ban on plastic bags citing that they pose a risk to humans and animals, in the same breathe, the militia group is struggling to ban logging of indigenous trees citing environmental degradation.  The move by the militia group could be mistaken to look like they care about human lives yet they have no concern.

Videos released by the militia group show them using the plastic bags to carry their personal belongings as they move around. Furthermore their camps have shelters whose roofing material is polythene. Logging of indigenous trees in the neighbouring Somalia can be pointed to the militants who indulge in illicit charcoal business. By pretending to ban both plastic bags and logging of trees is just a step to deceive locals

The militia group is known for indiscriminate killing of human beings when conducting their attacks which leave several injured and others even dead. They are known for terrorising people and shamelessly hiding behind religion.

In addition to the above they have been seen in videos killing animals mercilessly. In Islam, mistreating an animal is considered a sin. Islam requires that animals are to be treated with respect and kindness. The militia group never takes that into consideration as they have been seen using animals for target practice which is against Islam.

The group can therefore not claim to care about the environment and human life as they are always on the front line when it comes to murder and other atrocities against life

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