Jul 6, 2018

Al Shabaab Desperate To Win Hearts And Minds Of Locals In New Move

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The Al Shabaab militia group has taken a turn in their operations in a new strategy meant to win the hearts and minds of Somalia locals. In the latest move, the militia has announced a ban on plastic bags with claims that the continued use of polythene bags is hazardous to both human beings and animals.

The announcement by the militia group is a strategy to undermine the federal government of Somalia, one that the terrorist outfit wishes to take over from. The move that is evidently deceit on the residents also is ironic and sarcastic considering these same militants continue to take innocent lives both humans and animals.

The recent pressure to change tact is out of desperation following tightened security and counter attacks by forces deployed in Somalia. The militant group has lost territorial presence and has been flashed out of areas they were beginning to set camp.

Also, the Al Qaeda allied terrorist group has been split into different factions forcing the split groups to seek relevance on their own under different leaders. According to the militant group, seeking validation and actually getting it from locals, they will gain better footing to resume operations mainly by using the locals to tip off security forces, who have been working hand in hand with locals in new offensive.

What comes as a counter attack on the forces will highly backfire considering Al Shabaab camps across neighbouring Somalia are made of plastic bags that are still used by the terrorists to fetch drinking water and serve food in. The Somalia government has at the same time come out to warn locals against adhering to such rules that are baseless.



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