Jul 6, 2018

93 Year Old Man Mutilated And Killed By Al Shabaab Militia Publicly

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Al Shabaab militia has elicited fury from residents of Gamboole area, near Bal’ad district of Middle Shabelle region, about 30km north of Mogadishu after publicly executing a 93 year old by the name Abshir Nur Hussein. The Al Shabaab first stoned him to near death after which they mocked him and as if that wasn’t enough, a 3 man firing squad was in place, and they fired tens of bullets at the already dying man in front of hundreds of people.

Residents of the area said they were forced by the militia to watch as they mutilated the old man’s body by pelting stones at him, and eventually shooting the old weak and malnourished man who had been in their custody for months.

The execution is just one among the many they have conducted against those who seek development of Somalia. The illiterate militia has over time tried to prevent any form of change in the area by use of violence to intimidate the people.

Recent months have seen the Al Shabaab lose several militants due to defection and others due to death. They are now becoming desperate to remain relevant by making their presence felt through such executions but it seems to be working against them as a result of growing resistance from the locals.

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