Jul 6, 2018

12 Al Shabaab fighters surrender to Somalia Forces

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A senior Al Shabaab commander and 11 other fighters surrendered to Somali authorities in southern Somalia.

Somalia’s Jubaland intelligence chief, Khalid Sheikh says 12 Al Shabaab fighters, including their commander had handed themselves over to government officials in Bar-sanguni area, some 45km away from the coastal town of Kismayo.

Khalid did not mention the name of the commander, who defected from the militants’ group.

He said the Jubaland administration was open to receive defectors from the militant group Al-Shabaab as part of the amnesty offered by Regional President of Jubaland, Ahmed Mohamed.

The defections by Al Shabaab elements came as Somali and African Union forces intensified their offensives against targets held by the group’s militants.

This past week has seen several military operations in Juba regions in south of Somalia which remains one of the strongholds of the group.

No word from the armed group of Al Shabaab to comment on the latest defection claims.

Earlier this month, US military announced that one of its especial soldiers lost his life and 4 others injured in an attack in Bar-sanguni area near the town.

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