Jul 5, 2018

Al Shabaab Brutally Kills Women And Children

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The Al Shabaab militia group has time and again done the unthinkable, killing the innocent cowardly &mercilessly in desperate attempt to stay relevant and evoke fear. Their intent has fueled a genocidal kind of execution in a small village in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia; a grave matter that is beyond compare where they abducted ten men after making attacks on the village and thereafter lined them up on their knees and made them watch as 11 children between the ages of 5 – 14 years and 6 middle aged women were beheaded one after the other.

The crime scene, which loudly shouted death, was extremely cold and chilling, leaving some of the villagers that had survived after running away traumatised. “This could only be an act of demons,” some of the villagers muttered.

This was to send out a message to local men who had defected from being with the militia (thus killing their women and children in cold blood) and also a warning to the villagers who are believed to work closely with AMISOM troops  and are against the Al Shabaab.
In the recent past, these goons have taken women and children especially the ones held as prisoners in Al Shabaab camps through hell. From cases of sex slavery, hard labour and torture just to destroy their spirit. Many children have died totaling to hundreds in less than a year, some even foetuses forced off their mother’s wombs as a result rape by the Al Shabaab militia goons. Disease and hunger has also contributed to some of these deaths, under the hands of the

Al Shabaab who leave the sick and weakly ones to starve and die as punishment. Currently, the Al Shabaab have lost a lot of territory and faced reductions in their numbers as a result of coordinated air and land attacks by the AMISOM troops plus defections by some of their militia. The Al Shabaab attacks on their own people locally; whether Muslim or Christians are only meant to evoke insecurity and forcefully take command and control by use of fear

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