Jun 21, 2018

Ethiopia And Somalia To Heighten War Against Al Shabaab

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has pledged his country’s cooperation in fighting Al Shabaab militants and violent extremism in the region, during his one-day visit to Mogadishu.

Ahmed emphasized on the need to maintain peace and stability, necessary for the development of the region and that all threats from Al Shabaab and other terrorist groups critical to these values must be tackled head-on.

By fully cooperating, the Prime Minister said military operations in conjunction with allied forces will see fight against terrorism heightened including cross-boarder counter attacks

Abiy Ahmed who was in Somalia meeting President Mohammed Farmajo lauded Somali Federal Government for overcoming security challenges with the support from regional powers adding that the country is on the path towards sustainable peace and development.

Ethiopian troops are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia working with the government in building state bodies and security forces to ensure no lapse after AMISOM strategically withdraws from the country.

Both heads on states called on regional countries to contribute positively to Somalia’s peace and state-building efforts in the Horn of Africa nation that was beset by decades-long conflict, terrorism and piracy.

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