Jun 14, 2018

SNA KickStarts A Series Of Offensives Against Al Shabaab

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Somalia’s National Army has set off a series of offensives against the Al Shabaab in Jubbaland state.

The official visit geared towards the fight against Al Shabaab was graced by General Abdiweli Jama’a Gorod and other top military officials who visited Kismayo officially propelling the security operations.

This comes days after Somalia President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo launched ‘operation lightning strike’ ahead of Eid al Fitr celebrations in a bid to open multi-fronts on Somalia army currently in defensive positions near Tukkraq village of Sool.

The operation involved transportation of a fully equipped military unit estimated at a total of 600-1000 men, who had been trained at the Turkish base and other foreign supported training grounds in and around Mogadishu.

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The visit to Sanguuni military base comes after a strategic withdrawal by government forces and US special forces.

Recently 120 Al Shabaab militants were killed in intensive security operations conducted at Bay, Bakool, Hiran and Shabelle regions.

The operations expected to intensify target terrorists in Jubbaland and other areas of central and southern Somalia.

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