Jun 11, 2018

Somalia President launches ‘Operation Lightning Strike’ days to Eid Fitr

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Somalia President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo has launched ‘operation lightning strike’ ahead of Eid al Fitr celebrations end of this week. This is in a bid to open multi-fronts on Somalia army currently in defensive positions near Tukkraq village of Sool.

The operation that is in full gear is sending armament, ammunition and trained troops to the battlefront with the Republic of Somalialand. Planes were seen being loaded with crates containing rounds of ammunition, dissembled heavy artillery, mortars and spare parts at the Adan Adde international airport of Mogadishu.

The fully equipped military unit is estimated at a total of 600-1000 men, who had been trained at the Turkish base and other foreign supported training grounds in and around Mogadishu.

Intelligence reports confirm that Somalia plans to put all its might behind a blitz offensive against Somaliland positions around the Eid celebrations; before, during and after. The plan is said to be penetrating Somaliland defenses from several directions and smuggle arms and ammunition into Las Anod city in order to try to capture the town from within so to isolate the front line positions of the Somaliland army.

The operation is largely meant to counter violent extremists planning to spew violence over the upcoming Eid-al-Fitr celebrations.


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