Jun 4, 2018

Al Shabaab Executes Two Kenyan Militia As Residents Watch

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Al Shabaab militants have publicly executed two Kenyans for allegedly spying for Somalia and Kenyan intelligence services.

The two, identified as Shukri Ali,22, and Farah Godane were executed in Fino Town, Lower Shabelle region in Somalia. Shukri hails from Garissa County, while Godane comes from Lamu.

Sources said the militants forced locals to watch as they stoned and slit the throats of the two. Members of the dreaded terror organization reportedly carry out the executions publicly to instill fear among locals.

There has been an increase in executions of Kenyan fighters in Somalia in recent times on allegations of being informants and more than 20 Kenyans have been executed in the last few years.

Kenyans who have allegedly been executed include Jared Mokaya Omambia, Faraj Abdulmajid, Ahmed Yusuf Hassan, Ahmed Nur Abdi Osoble, Abdullah Talal Musa, Hashim Othman Selali among many others.

A source in Somalia further said that five other Kenyans and two Tanzanians were tortured in the same camp over claims of ISIS connections. The source said the group was found reading online content that the leader of the camp claimed was related to ISIS.

Al Shabaab pays allegiance to Al Qaeda as confirmed by its ailing leader Abu Ubeidha in an audio message dispatched on May 20th.

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