Boko Haram Leader’s Mother Narrates How Son Was Radicalised

Mother to Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has come out to confess for the first time, how his son, now Boko Haram leader became a highly sort after terrorist.

Falmata Abubakar starts by saying she has not set her eyes on her son for 15 years, practically since he was a boy. In 2009, Nigerian security agents killed Mohammed Yusuf, and Abubakar Shekau became the leader of Boko Haram.

The languishing mother says her son left Shekau as a boy to continue his Islamic education in the city of Maiduguri. Maiduguri has been a center of religious studies for hundreds of years.

Abubakar Shekau was an almajiri. In the generations-old tradition, almajirai are sent by their parents to study the Quran, Islam’s holy book, in schools locally known as a tsangaya. In the classroom, a teacher trains the 20 or more, sometimes hundreds of, male students at a time to memorize the complete Quran.

Almajirai often go up and down the streets, asking people for food. It is thought that Abubakar Shekau did the same. His mother says that during his studies he met Mohammed Yusuf, the founder of Boko Haram. Yusuf believed that a Western education violates religious law. Falmata says her son was brainwashed.

“Since Shekau met with Mohammed Yusuf, I didn’t see him again,” she told VOA. “Yes, he’s my son and every mother loves her son, but we have different characters. He brought a lot of problem to many people. Where can I meet him to tell him that these things he is doing is very bad? He brought many problems to many people, but I am praying for God to show him the good way,” she said.

Towns people say they often deny being from the hometown of Abubakar Shekau because others may believe they have ties to Boko Haram.

Falmata Abubakar says her son has become someone she doesn’t recognize. “He just took his own character and went away. This is not the character I gave him. I don’t know what this type of behavior is. It’s only God who knows.”



Why Al Shabaab Is Under Pressure Now Than Ever Before

Al Shabaab has been under a lot pressure this year than ever before. After years of leadership wrangles, the militia was dealt a hard blow after news leaked that their emir Abu Ubaidah is suffering from cancer.

US has started targeting the Al Shabaab bases now outside Mogadishu the recent one being 15 miles southwest of Mogadishu killing 10 Shabaab militants. This brings the total number of militants killed by airstrikes to 1,410 militants with 50 being members of the decision making council also known as ‘Shura’.

The United States is working closely with AMISOM and SNA to ensure that upon withdrawal of AMISOM troops scheduled to start next year, the threat posed by Al Shabaab militants will be diminished to a manageable level.

Alshabaab is also facing internal conflicts on the issue of who shall take over from their ailing leader Abu Ubaidah. The conflict has brought about clannism conflicts something that the militia had tried to avoid for a very long time.The fighters have started taking sides based on the clan they belong to and are now attacking each other.


Major defection especially of the high ranking leaders who have surrendered to work with the government poses a great threat to the militia, because the last time a defection of the deputy leader happened (MuktarRubow) on 2013, it led the death of the previous Al shabaab leader Abdi Godane a year later.

Defection of foreign fighters is also a major setback since they are the ones used to perform major attacks inside their home countries. The defections have been fuelled by governments’ incentives and the clan conflicts in the militia which have left them with no sense of identity which was the main thing they were in search of when they joined the militia.

Loss of Local Support

Alshabaab have continued to lose support from the locals because of the attacks they have been performing during this period of Ramadhan which were labelled Haram by the local leaders, pushing them to take actions against the militia and start working with the security forces to smoke out those militants who had camouflaged into their villages and homesteads.

This series of events have weakened the militia to an extent that they are requesting for help from the Al Qaeda in terms of both money and personnel, on several audios released by the very ill leader since April. Al Qaeda leader Ay-man Al-zawahiri never responded to any of them.

Al Shabaab Do Not Practice True Islam

Salāt al-jumu‘ah, “Friday prayer”, is a congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday, just after noon instead of the Dhuhr “noon prayer” which is the prayer after midday. Unlike other prayers which can be done anywhere Salāt al-jumu‘ahis conducted in mosques and Muslims are expected to attend and it as documented in the Quran.

“O ye who believe!  When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the day of assembly) hastens earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah and leave off business (and traffic): that is best for you if ye but knew! “

To leave any and all worldly pursuits and earnestly attend the Friday mid-day sermon and congregational prayer is an absolutely obligatory command of the Allah upon those who have professed belief in Him.

Violent extremists and terrorist like Al shabaab militia claim to be Muslims yet they do not perform basic Muslim requirements like the Salāt al-jumu‘ah. Al shabaab camps are normally in hidden places like dense forests hence they cannot access mosques on Fridays to perform the congregational prayers which Muslims are obliged to.

Furthermore, they are afraid of leaving their camps due to the fear of being captured or killed by the security forces. That is just a clear indication that they are not true Muslims and are just hiding behind religion while tainting the name of Islam.

In addition to all the above they carry out attacks on Friday instead of holding the day dear and respecting it as required by the Quran.

The Friday prayer is of great importance to Muslims and one should endeavour to participate. A Muslim should, therefore, never attempt to miss it. To miss even one Jumu’ah prayer without a legally valid excuse is highly sinful, and to miss three is totally unacceptable. Since they do not practice the basics of Islam we can conclude that terrorists are not Muslims.

SNA KickStarts A Series Of Offensives Against Al Shabaab

Somalia’s National Army has set off a series of offensives against the Al Shabaab in Jubbaland state.

The official visit geared towards the fight against Al Shabaab was graced by General Abdiweli Jama’a Gorod and other top military officials who visited Kismayo officially propelling the security operations.

This comes days after Somalia President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo launched ‘operation lightning strike’ ahead of Eid al Fitr celebrations in a bid to open multi-fronts on Somalia army currently in defensive positions near Tukkraq village of Sool.

The operation involved transportation of a fully equipped military unit estimated at a total of 600-1000 men, who had been trained at the Turkish base and other foreign supported training grounds in and around Mogadishu.

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The visit to Sanguuni military base comes after a strategic withdrawal by government forces and US special forces.

Recently 120 Al Shabaab militants were killed in intensive security operations conducted at Bay, Bakool, Hiran and Shabelle regions.

The operations expected to intensify target terrorists in Jubbaland and other areas of central and southern Somalia.

KDF Builds Back Once War-Torn Communities In Regions Of Somalia

Locals from Somalia’s Hoosingo and its environs on Monday 11th 2018 received free medical services from the Kenya Defence Force troops. The medical camp put up at the town’s health centre comes days after rains subsided leaving the community at the risk of waterborne diseases. The residents who turned up in masses received treatment as some showed up for routine checkups.

The area was hit by a cholera scare prompting the KDF troops to move in swiftly to mitigate the situation. During the medical camp, three cases were confirmed positive for Cholera and the troops have put necessary measures to avoid any spread.

Ahmed Abdullahi a father of three was in tears as his three-year-old received treatment, he went ahead to narrate how his wife died during an Al Shabaab attack, Ahmed himself suffers from diabetes and also received treatment at the camp. He lauded the security personnel for providing moral support through counselling and availing follow up sessions, which he says have been very helpful since he lost his wife.

As part of building back the community that has been affected by Al Shabaab attacks in the past, KDF troops continue to engage with residents to ensure that normalcy returns to the area. In the spirit of Ramadan, the troops also donated assorted food items to the locals. In appreciation, area councilman Sheikh Noor Mohammed invited the troops to join the villagers during Iftar, (breaking the fast).

Security Forces Move To Counter Apparent Attacks On Kenya

Security has been beefed up in parts of North Eastern and Coastal regions following reports Al Shabaab plans attacks ahead of the marking of Eid ul Fitr on Friday.

According to Police spokesman Charles Owino, more security agents had been deployed in Witu, Mpeketoni and other places in Lamu county where there are fears of an imminent attack after the attackers were spotted in Boni Forest.

“As we prepare to celebrate with our Muslim brothers and sisters the Eid ul Fitr holidays, we have increased deployment of our officers in the Boni area, particularly the area between Witu and Mpeketoni in Lamu County,” he stated.

Owino stated that they have information the terrorists are on the move under command of Maalim Ayman and Mohamed Bilaal towards Boni. “This follows information that we have received from local communities indicating sightings of suspected militia elements in the dense forest.”

He explained that there have also been increased sights of terrorists in Tana Delta and North Eastern.

He asked locals especially in Boni to remain vigilant and report any suspicious character there.

“All security agencies in the Boni Enclave area have been put on high alert and we have dispatched more personnel to comb the forest to flush out the militants.”


Somalia President launches ‘Operation Lightning Strike’ days to Eid Fitr

Somalia President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo has launched ‘operation lightning strike’ ahead of Eid al Fitr celebrations end of this week. This is in a bid to open multi-fronts on Somalia army currently in defensive positions near Tukkraq village of Sool.

The operation that is in full gear is sending armament, ammunition and trained troops to the battlefront with the Republic of Somalialand. Planes were seen being loaded with crates containing rounds of ammunition, dissembled heavy artillery, mortars and spare parts at the Adan Adde international airport of Mogadishu.

The fully equipped military unit is estimated at a total of 600-1000 men, who had been trained at the Turkish base and other foreign supported training grounds in and around Mogadishu.

Intelligence reports confirm that Somalia plans to put all its might behind a blitz offensive against Somaliland positions around the Eid celebrations; before, during and after. The plan is said to be penetrating Somaliland defenses from several directions and smuggle arms and ammunition into Las Anod city in order to try to capture the town from within so to isolate the front line positions of the Somaliland army.

The operation is largely meant to counter violent extremists planning to spew violence over the upcoming Eid-al-Fitr celebrations.