May 31, 2018

WANTED: Al Shabaab Militants Planning Attack On Kenya Put On Notice

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The Kenya National Police Service is cautioning the public on vigilance  during the ongoing Ramadan period due to security threats posed by extremist groups particularly Al Shabaab.

Police investigations indicate that the militant group has increased its activities, especially in areas within Somalia that are close to the Kenyan border towns of Wajir and Mandera and parts of Garissa County.

In particular, a group of militants led by one Ibrahim Mohammed alias Shariff Lin Kulul, has been hiding in the mountainous region of Gedo within Somalia and may be planning to stage attacks on the Kenyan side. Kulul has in the past sent one Ahmed Dabar to look for ideal targets for attack in Mandera and Wajir counties, including Government employees.

Ahmed Dabar is from the Degodia/Omar Fai clan in QARSA location, Wajir County. Before joining Al Shabaab, Ahmed was a student at Madarasatul Muadin Wagberi location, Wajir County. He was involved in the February 2018 attack on teachers at Qarsa primary school in Wajir. His accomplice in the Qarsa attacks, Abdiwahab Osman Ahmed who also hails from Wajir,is currently hiding in Gedo, having gone to Somalia in 2016. Ahmed’s mother Mumina Eroba and wife Asha Ahmed Gedi are complicit of his activities.

“We wish to reassure the public that the police have enhanced security measures across the country during this season and are closing in on the militants. Meanwhile, we would like to appreciate the cooperation given by members of the public in volunteering useful information on terrorist suspects. We urge the public to continue being vigilant particularly around public institutions and public gatherings and to report any suspicious people or activities to the nearest police station or using our toll free numbers 999/112/911.” Read the police statement

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