May 24, 2018

Tens Of Militants Killed In Overnight Airstrikes

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76 Militants were killed after American fighter jets carried out an overnight airstrike in Lower Shabelle region, targeting Al-Shabaab bases. The strike happened on the outskirt of Arbiska village, located near the capital, Mogadishu late last night. This was in reiteration to a foiled attack against Somalia Military in the region.

Similarly, AU forces stationed in the area have fired mortar shells towards the suspected Al-Shabaab hideouts, according to a local resident, who confirmed destruction of camps and deaths of members of the militia group. The forces also confirmed capturing some of the militants as they fled the area.

The heightened counter attacks on the militia have resulted to continued decapitation of camps and terrorist cells in regions of Somalia. The forces’ collaboration with members of the public has successfully led to foiled attacks and capturing of terrorists as hundreds continue to defect from the Al Qaeda linked outfit.

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