Al Shabaab Steals Zakat After Sneaking Into A Mosque

Members of the Al Shabaab militia rag tag attacked a mosque Wednesday night some hours before the night prayers (Isha) began. The militants are said to have beaten up an Imam who was in the mosque at the time leaving him for death.

The militants then proceeded to steal Zakat offered by community members with an aim to aid those affected by floods following heavy rains in the region in recent weeks. The Imam who is currently fighting for his life under security forces’ medical care said the militants roughed him up when he refused to hand them keys to the mosque.

He said the militia made away with food stuff, clothing, bedding among other basic commodities. This comes amid the holy Ramadan meant to promote unity, generosity and even oneness of Umma. Elders aired their anger rebuking the militants that claim to abide with the Islamic religion.

Abu Hussein an elder in Qoriyoley District in Lower Shebelle said “We do not like the militants living in our community,we have to take action and start working with security forces”.


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