May 8, 2018

AMISOM trains Somalia Police to enhance collaboration with the public

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A one-week training to enhance communication skills of Somali Police officers has opened in the capital, Mogadishu. The training is meant to enhance relations between security officers and the public in a bid to fight violent extremism and insecurity in the country.

It is part of the transition plan, which will eventually see troops withdraw from the country. The plan requires AMISOM to prepare Somalia’s national security institutions to take over the country’s security once AMISOM’s mandate comes to an end.

The agreement also entails incorporating public members in security operations. Also in the agreement is to make deploy government militia in regions of Somalia to ensure seamless security operations across the country.

During the training, the participants will be taken through a range of topics including, among others, fostering relations between the police and the media; social media as a tool of information dissemination; public relations and media awareness and practice. 

Others are how to consolidate partnerships between the police and the community; drafting key messages and information dissemination and the role of public relations in conflict resolution.


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