May 7, 2018

Women And Girls In The Modern Radicalization World

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In the modern world, with huge technological advances, resulting in the emergence of the information age has seen the whole world become a closely-knit global village where spread of information is fast.

Terror groups have taken advantage of the situation to radicalize and recruit from the world over, bringing a lot of efficiency with it at the same time saving money & resources.

Terrorists have evolved with time as they try to fit in and cope with counter-terrorism measures deployed. Women and girls are a group that cannot be ignored currently, an area that terrorists have taken full advantage of; disguise is a major tactic here. Think of the emotion that a woman evokes – warm, innocent, harmless, caring etc, the list is endless. The thought of such, packaged with weapons or explosives for a suicide mission or an ambush in itself is terrifying, the changing face of terrorism is a reality.

A lot of factors lead to luring our sisters in this scourge, one of the main ones being the need for a sense of identity or recognition. This is mainly triggered by a society that neglects or demeans the girl child, leaving a void that is readily open for exploitation.
Among other factors are social economic, to be specific poverty; which gives the ice breaker to the terror groups to offer lucrative promises of wealth, good life and even family support all of which in most cases would be received with open hands. If not well monitored, this gives way to a girl / woman being radicalized. Peer groups with extremist views after being radicalized catalyze the process, spreading the scourge and influencing to win more recruits, a domino effect kind of scenario. All this is fueled by the need for identity (status, recognition, security etc.) only to later discover that it’s all a big lie, deception to one’s own grave.

Governments in developing economies have gone ahead to devolve areas within their boundaries so as to give equal share of resource and opportunity. In such scenarios, empowerment is a tool that can be used effectively to fight the scourge. Communities have also been urged to have an all-inclusive approach regardless of religion, gender, age or social status. At the end of the day, all this calls for vigilance and the need to stand for what is right.


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