May 7, 2018

AMISOM Troops Rescue Flood Victims In Somalia

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AMISOM troops in Somalia have reported thousands of evacuations of flood victims in Somalia. The troops that were among the first responders following the flash and river flooding in Hirshabelle, South West and Jubaland states as well as Banadir region have engaged necessary equipment on the ground as destruction of the heavy rains is evident.

The troops that include the Kenya Defense Forces have set up medical camps in designated areas to curb potential disease breakouts. With the help of the trained personnel, women have received aid while giving birth in the unbearable environment.

Doctors are also taking proactive measures by administering vaccines to victims in anticipation of hazardous diseases. The peacekeepers are also attending to children and elderly people both medically and psychologically.

As displaced families struggle with the situation, the troops in conjunction with other aid agencies are also transporting the victims to safe areas. Residents have hailed the forces for their responsiveness and provision of basic needs like food and clothing.
Residents of Belet Weyne are among the worst hit, after river Shabelle, which originates in Ethiopian Highlands, burst its banks leaving many homeless and without a source of livelihood.

Al Shabaab deaths

The ongoing flash floods have swept away the Al Shabaab camps leaving them with no operational bases. The little and diminishing resources they possessed was washed away as some of their fighters continue to perish following the floods.

Residents who were held captive by the Al Shabaab militia for forceful indoctrination were fortunate enough to be freed and they narrated horrid tales of what happens in those camps. A notable event is how the militia group murdered its own fighters.

The Al Shabaab leaders held captive of other militants claiming that letting them go would lead to a tip off of the group’s plans and whereabouts to security agencies. The security agencies are however on vigil to restrain militants from mingling with civilians during evacuation

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