May 4, 2018

Al Shabaab Blocking Humanitarian Assistance In Somalia

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Al-Shabaab an Islamic militant group grappling to stay in control in the small pockets of southern Somalia, is making it difficult for international aid groups to deliver humanitarian assistance in Somalia by controlling and restricting movement in and out of those areas and worse by threatening the locals from engaging with the humanitarian groups.

The militia are also not allowing the farmers do any cultivation in their lands and therefore locals cannot sustain themselves. There is a huge humanitarian crisis in southern Somalia after the long prolonged drought period followed by the heavy rains now pounding the country that has left tens of thousands of people dead, mostly children and women.

The militia group is becoming extremely paranoid against international groups further making the lives of the locals miserable. They have resorted to erecting checkpoints and extorting absurd amount of money from the truck drivers who at times are unable to pay, the militants will then steal the load for their own consumption. “They extort money from every vehicle passing certain routes making it difficult for the International Humanitarians NGOs to cope with their demands” said one truck driver.

The locals are lamenting against the militants’ action and are calling on AMISOM for assistance “what are these people even doing with baby diapers that they steal from the trucks?” cried some of the mothers. To mitigate such situation KDF troops operating under AMISOM have been carrying out several medical camps across South Somalia offering basic household provisions for the families who avail themselves at the medical camps.

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