KDF And Jubbaland Troops Diminish Al Shabaab In Fresh Offensive

Part of the continued Al Shabaab weakening in the regions of Somalia and Kenya is the increased military operations against the militia group with a mission set clear to flush out militants from the entire regions under its control.

Jubbaland troops backed by Kenyan defence forces (KDF) have begun a massive military movement on the outskirts of Dhobley town, near Kenyan border.

Local residents say they often see KDF helicopters flying over the Al-Shabaab-held areas located outside the town as part of the ongoing military drills by the allied forces.

The fresh offensive covers both strategic and asymmetric war lately adapted highly by the Al Qaeda linked militia. As part of AMISOM’s mission to diminish the use of Improvised Explosive Devices against civilians and security agencies, the forces are also working with locals who share information on possible terrorist cells and locations


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