Al Shabaab Militants Found Guilty To Face Firing Squad

Al Shabaab terrorists responsible for a deadly attack on Mogadishu’s Hotel are set to face the firing squad after a Somali Military court found them guilty of participating in the terrorist act. Abdinasir Dhaqane, Farhan Mohamed and Abshir Mohamed pleaded guilty of the killing of at least 20 people as a result of the attack.... Continue Reading →


WANTED: Al Shabaab Militants Planning Attack On Kenya Put On Notice

The Kenya National Police Service is cautioning the public on vigilance  during the ongoing Ramadan period due to security threats posed by extremist groups particularly Al Shabaab. Police investigations indicate that the militant group has increased its activities, especially in areas within Somalia that are close to the Kenyan border towns of Wajir and Mandera and... Continue Reading →

The ISIS And Al Shabaab Divide Over Somalia

Violence has broken out between a faction of the Al Shabaab and ISIS in Somalia. According to reports, several ISIS militants were captured and publicly executed in the small town of Maas by Al Shabaab operatives. They were said to be transporting a cache of weapons meant to arm their comrades further north of the... Continue Reading →

Indonesia Passes Tougher Law After Worst Attack

Indonesia passed a new law Friday that will give police more power to take pre-emptive action against terrorism suspects in the wake of the country’s deadliest Islamist attacks in years. The bill had been stalled for almost two years as parliament wrangled over details, including how to define “terrorism,” but a wave of deadly suicide... Continue Reading →

Is Al-Shabaab on the verge of defeat?

Recent days have seen Al Shabaab leader Ahmad Umar aka Abu Ubaidah break his long silence in two long audio interviews calling on the middle Eastern Jihadist diaspora. Being the Emir of the Harakat al Shabaab al Mujahideen, he has been the least visible and vocal of the world’s Jihadist Emirs. Ayman Al Zawahiri’s to... Continue Reading →

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