Former Al Shabaab member denounces the militia group for killing Muslims

Former Al Shabaab member has denounced the rag tag militia group calling it dishonest, ungrateful, shameful and cold of the group to commit attacks on innocent civilians.

Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys said to be very radical and one of the listed terrorists by the US government was once an active member of the Al Shabaab and was supportive of Mukhtar Robow as the emir of the Al Shabaab mostly serving as a spiritual leader to the militants.

The Sheikh however fell out with the group after he called out leaders in the Al Shabaab for killing fellow Muslims and unarmed civilians  further highlighting the rift and imminent collapse of the Al Shabaab due to greed for power within ranks as Abu Ubaidah Al Shabaab leader’s health deteriorates.

As the former Hizbul Islam leader launched an offensive on the militia, he called the militants out for killing his friend and former colleagues in Mogadishu.


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