Apr 27, 2018

Kenyans Subjected To Execution As Al Shabaab Leaders Blame Them For Consecutive Foiled Attacks

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Sources from within confirm that Kenyans in the Al Shabaab are the main suspects for allegedly tipping off security forces on planned attacks and terrorist cells in regions of Somalia hence multiple failed attacks on Kenya and Somalia.

Kenyan Security forces uncovered an Al Shabaab operation on Nairobi in March. The attack meant to cause massive deaths within a radius of 250 metres and severe destruction of property was targeted on the Supreme Court and other government installations. A cache of arms including 36 grenades and five automatic rifles, vehicle borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) among other assortments of weapons were seized in Isiolo where the Al Shabaab militants were arrested enroute Nairobi.

Headlines on the weakening Al Shabaab have since flooded headlines;‘Three Terrorists Planning Attack On Kenya Put On Notice Security Forces’, ‘Locals Tip Off Al Shabaab in Somalia’s Hiiraan Region, 40 Militants Killed’, ‘Dozens Of Al Shabaab Militia Killed in Foiled Attack in Baidoa’ among others confirming the continued weakening of the militia group in the region.


As a result of the continued failure and loss of formerly occupied territories to the AMISOM troops, the outfit currently having internal wrangles has resulted to internal conviction of foreign fighters most of whom are of Kenyan origin. Inside sources say that Kenyan militants are suspected to be working with the Kenya Defence Forces and Somalia Forces by offering them information.

The militia group’s leaders claim that tip off to the authorities on planned attacks as well as location of their cells are subject to punishment according to their laws and they are currently on a rampage to torture and execute those ‘working against them’.

The ongoing witch hunt in the militia outfit has seen hundreds of militants surrender to security agencies and are currently working with necessary authorities as they undergo due process before they are integrated back into the society.

With so many towns taken over by security forces, the members have scampered for help in the local residential areas for shelter, food and water following eviction and destruction of their camps. However, Security Forces are taking them by their horns and countering their asymmetric warfare tactics by using locals to flush them out of their hiding places.

The locals who are tired of Al Shabaab’s threats and destruction of infrastructure in return costing them lives, education, health and a good economy are working with the troops to ensure restoration of normalcy through medical camps, construction of fallen structures and settlements among other social activities to get these communities back on their feet.

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