Apr 25, 2018

Kenya Defence Forces Offer Medical Care to Hundreds Of Residents In Hoosingo

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The Kenya Defence Forces under the AMISOM troops offered free medical care to hundreds of residents of Hoosingo town in Somalia.

The troops who set up camp in the town 100 Km east of the Kenyan border attended by sick Children, the elderly and pregnant women. The personnel also administered vaccines to infants and young children who have been deprived of medical care following the destruction of facilities by the Al Shabaab militia group.

The operation conducted at Afmadhow health center was led by the Dp Sunray in collaboration with the SNA Sunray. During the exercise, 40 residents were diagnosed with cholera most of them being children and the elderly.

Patients at the camp hailed the service by the peacekeepers under AMISOM saying most of the residents lost their lives in search of medical facilities for their spouses and children.

Halima Ahmin, a resident of Hoosingo town who was accompanied by her three children was in tears as she showed gratitude towards the security agencies. She says being the family’s breadwinner, she lacks the might to educate her children and provide basic medical care for them. Halima’s husband was killed by the Al Qaeda linked militia during an attack on the town two years ago as he set off to look for medicine for their ailing child at the time. Halima says an ambush attack on the town by the ragtag militia Al Shabaab took away her husband and few days after his death, their ailing child passed on.

The devastating financial situation replicates on more women of Hoosingo town who showed up to receive treatment.  Both women and men most of whom are languishing in poverty have been beneficiaries of the medical camps often set up by the forces. The troops have continued offering services to the needy in regions of Somalia even as the militants continue to attempt attacks on the security agencies.

The medical camp follows a similar operation last week at Somalia’s Busaar area where the troops provided Medicare to thousands of residents during a three-day camp. AMISOM continues to work with locals in the regions of Somalia as troops dedicate their efforts towards restoring back lives of terrorist attacks victims.

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