Apr 23, 2018

Al Shabaab leader’s physical health worsens as wrangles deepen in the militia group

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Intelligence reports confirm trouble within Al shabaab ranks in Somalia as there is now renewed conflict from the Shurah on succession.

The Shurah is the Al shabaab’s executive council mandated with commissioning and approving strategic targets for attacks as well as other strategic and financial decisions for the militants. The current shurah is comprised of eight leaders with a majority from the Hawiye clan.

Ahmed Umar aka Abu Ubeiydah is the current Al Shabaab leader, deputised by the intelligence wing leader Mahad Karate, Maalim Osman,the head of foot soldiers, and the spokesperson Ali Dhere. Inside sources confirm that the leaders currently located in Jilib got into a heated exchange over the weekend, splitting the council into two factions.

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According to intelligence reports Ahmed Umar has been ailing and has been bedridden for the last six months.

The Al Shabaab leader’s health is said to be deteriorating, adversely affecting the group’s operations as most of the funds are currently being channeled to pay for Abu Ubeiydah’s treatment, therefore causing a delay in release of funds. The issue among other internal wrangles remain a bone of contention between leaders within the ranks.

The ongoing uncoordinated operations within the Al Shabaab following drifts between leaders has therefore seen multiple attacks repulsed by security forces in the past months with most of them resulting to the killing of thousands of militants.

The weakening within the insurgent group has also seen a large number of defections from the Al Qaeda linked group as former Al Shabaab members surrender to security agencies both in Somalia and Kenya.

The current situation within the militant group is however good for security forces as the group is operating without leadership leading to minimized operations as it run’s thin on finances.


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