Apr 11, 2018

Senior Al Shabaab leader surrenders to authorities alongside seven other militants

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A Senior Al Shabaab leader has surrendered to the Somalia Federal Government. The returnee by the name Adan Mohamed aka Adan Shah gave himself up to SouthWest authorities in Baidoa town to where he surrendered his gun and an assortment of weapons.

The former leader was together with seven other militants who also gave up their weaponry. Following a 60-day amnesty given by Somalia President Abdullahi’s Farmajo in February, Al- Shabaab members have come forward to authorities in large numbers.

A week ago, another leader alongside five militants surrendered to the Somalia Federal Government in the same area and are currently collaborating with the authorities in giving intelligence about the Al Qaeda linked militia group.

The beefed up surveillance and security by troops deployed in the regions of Somalia has led to the significant rise in defectors.

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