Somali military court hands down death and prison terms to Zoope truckbomb suspects

One Alshabab suspect was today sentenced to death while passing a 3 year jail term to another while one was sentenced in absentia to a life imprisonment during a military court ruling which saw 2 others got back their liberty.

The suspect reaching 5 in number were arrested shortly after the deadly truckbomb explosion on the 14th October 2017 around Zoope junction, Mogadishu which killed more than 500 people and injured many more.

Hassan Isak Ali who was accused of being Alshabab member was sentenced to death. The Court said he was solely responsible on the twin attacks on the 14th October especially driving the partially exploded car in Danwadaag Street towards Halane Gate.

Second suspect Abdiweli Ahmed Diriye was sentenced to 3 years in military prison.

Third suspect Ali Ibrahim Absuge who was absent from the court was sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia while Mohamud Hassan roble and Abdul Ali Warsame Ali were found innocent by the military court and released.

14th October Zoope truckbomb attack was the largest devastating attack in living memory which took palce in a busy junction at around 3pm rush hour time killing over 500 people and injured many more with thousands of millions worth of properties and buildings destroyed.

Source: Goobjoog News


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