Terrorists Use Businesses across East Africa to Fund Attacks, Says Report

Financial Intelligence Authority has released a report that shows terrorists are using a chain of local businesses across East Africa to fund attacks in the region. The National Risk Assessment report says terrorist funding comes from both legal and illegal businesses. These sources include extortion, human and wildlife trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal trade of sugar,... Continue Reading →


Patrol team foils Al Shabaab attack

Security agencies operating in Boni forest foiled a planned Al Shabaab terrorist attack on their convoy. According to the commander of the operation, Douglas Kirocho, a team of Kenya Defence Forces and Rural Border Patrol Unit was on patrol on Sunday afternoon when they spotted signs of an ambush along the Hulugho-Galmagalla road. After securing... Continue Reading →

How terrorists raise money to hit targets

Kampala. Terrorists are using a string of local businesses across the East African countries from which they reap millions of dollars they use to finance their terror missions in the region, according to findings in the Financial Intelligence Authority report. These findings are contained in the report on National Risk Assessment of money laundering and... Continue Reading →

Al-Shabaab steps up extortion and indoctrination as morale dips

Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia are extorting huge sums from starving communities and forcibly recruiting hundreds of children as soldiers and suicide bombers as the terror group endures financial pressures and an apparent crisis of morale. Intelligence documents, transcripts of interrogations with recent defectors and interviews conducted by the Guardian with inhabitants of areas in the... Continue Reading →

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