Jan 31, 2018

North Eastern leaders urged to join war on Al-Shabaab

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Leaders in North Eastern have been urged to join the fight against violent extremism and to work together in ensuring the residents are protected.

North Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), Mohamud Saleh warned that the continued growth of the Al-Shabaab in the region will reverse the development gains.

Mr. Saleh said that in order for terrorism to end in the country, leaders need to come together and support each other.

Addressing a peace committee meeting, Mr. Saleh said the leaders must get involved noting that fighting against violent extremism was a collective responsibility.

“Unless leaders from the area are ready to expose and condemn the terror group, the war against terrorism and specifically Al-Shabaab will never be won.”

“Leaders from the region need to come out and take the lead in restoring and maintaining security for the region to recover from insecurity,” Mr. Saleh.

According to the regional commissioner, the government has a list of names of 35 individuals from Mandera recruited by the Al-Shabaab.

Mr. Saleh said the suspects aid the Somali based terror group to carry out attacks in the country adding that the individuals cross into the country and return to Somalia at will.

He further said the individuals are well known to the locals since they have raised their families in Kenya.

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