Al Shabaab execute Kenyans over spying allegations


Four Kenyans are among the five Al Shabaab foreign fighters who were publicly executed by the terrorist organisation on Tuesday evening at Kuntuwarey town in Lower Shabelle region.

The four youthful Kenyans who hail from Mandera County were identified as Abdulmajid Ali alias Abdi, Hassan Hussein alias Hussein Ahmed, Ali Kassim and Abdalla Juma alias Dungu.

The slain militants were accused of spying for Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia intelligence services and were publicly executed by a masked firing squad in front of a crowd.

The execution brings the number of Kenyans who have been killed by the terror group to more than 20.

Last year alone, Al Shabaab killed more than 10 Kenyans who they accused of being moles within the terrorist outfit. They include the former Moi University student Jared Mokaya Omambia, Faraj Abdulmajid, Ahmed Yusuf Hassan, Ahmed Nur Abdi Osoble, Abdullah Talal Musa, Hashim Othman Selali among many others.

The frequent executions of Kenyans in the group has created animosity and mistrust amongst the group members and this has resulted to infighting between the commanders. For example, Ahmed Iman Ali is now wanted by Al Shabaab leadership dead or alive. He is accused of collaborating with the Kenyan Government.

According to intelligence reports, Ahmed Iman is now on the run and is said to be negotiating and seeking amnesty with the Kenyan Government. The report also adds that the Kenyan purge will continue as long as gullible Kenyan youth are still being radicalised and recruited into the group.



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