10 Pakistanis arrested in Mombasa over terror links


1696266.jpgTen Pakistan foreigners arrested over terrorism links in Mombasa suspects detained at regional police headquarters.

Detectives have arrested 10 Pakistani nationals in Mombasa over links to terrorism.

The foreigners were arrested following a tip off from the Pakistani intelligence.

A senior officer leading the operation said Kenyan authorities raided the residents of the suspects within Kizingo area.

Among those seized is the father of a terror suspect arrested in Pakistan on Monday.

He was identified as Mohammed Tasleem. The 50-year-old owns company that imports rice from Pakistan.

The nine other suspects were identified as Sawai Singh ( 32 ), Sunil Kumar ( 24 ), Karen Kumar ( 25 ), Khaman Deep ( 25 ), Manosh Kumar ( 26 ), Haresh Kumar ( 27 ), Saleem Imtiaz ( 26 ), Nakash Narain ( 28 ) and Bhojo Tharo ( 37 ).

County commandant Johnstone Ipara said detectives were investigating if the foreigners were engaged in money laundering and drug trafficking.

“We suspect they were carrying out illegal commercial activities,” Ipara said.

Mombasa CID boss Washington Njiru said they were working with different agencies to investigate the suspects.

They are expected to appear in court today. Police are planning to ask the court to allow them detain the suspects for more days as they complete their investigations.

“No one could give a satisfactory account of their status in Kenya. They are detained at Central police station,” Njiru said.

Sources told the Star that Tasleem could be deported to Pakistan to assist with investigations.

It is suspected that the proceeds of his business is used to fund terrorism activities in Pakistan.

Kenya has recently worked with different foreign agencies including the FBI and the Scotland Yard in fighting terrorism and drug trafficking.

Documents indicate the ten suspects have been in Kenya for the last four years.

Last month, the FBI raided a madrasa in Likoni and rescued 95 children who were suspected to be arrested ver trafficking and terrorism allegation and rescued 95 children.

Source: The Star


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