Nov 10, 2017

Kenya tightens security as Al Shabaab purge begins in Mandera

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Kenya Police on Thursday begun manhunt operations aimed to crackdown Al-shabaab suspects that are hiding their border along Somalia.

Authorities have released public notices warning against Al-shabaab plots with hundreds of troops being deployed across the capital and major cities in Kenya.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia has recently suspended Manadera’s bus services in fear of Al-shabaab attacks.

“We have decided to suspend the movement of buses along the road as we assess the security situation in the region “the official has said.

The suspension were declared after Al-shabaab fighters attacked a police escort in the outskirts of Mandera ,killing a number of civilians last week.

For the past four years, Al-shabaab had killed over hundreds in its attacks in Kenya.


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