A flooded village inside Somalia

Kenya and other parts of East Africa are currently experiencing a heavy downpour that has left many areas flooded and inaccessible. However, the rains in Somalia have washed off an interesting find from the town of Jilib, an al Shabaab stronghold. The Friday 10th October morning saw the local women in Jilib come out immediately after the flash floods and were heard in a rather regrettable tone lamenting in Somali language, “Our children will get sick/infections, what are this?” All this was after bits and pieces of used condoms and packs were washed off after the flash floods following the Thursday night long down pour.

This discovery comes only a few weeks after pornographic content; videos, adult magazines and alcohol bottles were discovered in an al Shabaab hide-out inside Boni Forest. There has also been several rape and homosexuality accusations against the al alshabaab from female returnees who managed to escape from the terror group.

The Alshabaab group who are extremists and self-proclaimed core religious Muslims have only confirmed how far-fetched their beliefs are from Islam, to just a bunch of terrorists misusing and manipulating the Holy Quran for their own interests to mislead, maim and cause damage.

True Islam faithfuls have always stood against these terror groups and are quite keen to expose the activities of these terrorist groups especially in the recent past in order to protect their own in the region


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