Nov 7, 2017

Another Kenyan executed by Al Shabaab over spying allegations

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Al Shabaab militants in Bualle town of Middle Jubba region have publicly executed four men accused of spying for the country’s Federal government and the AMISOM Forces on Monday 6th October 2017.

Al Shabaab confirmed the Monday morning executions in a statement posted on its affiliated websites, after the men were found guilty by it’s court in the district. The group identified the victims as Abdirisack Hashi Abas, Mustaf Moalom Hassan, both blamed for working with Ethiopian Intelligence, Mohamed Aba Mayow and Omar Adar Omar, A 25 Year old Kenyan from Garissa County, blamed for collaborating with NISA and AMISOM troops.

According to Abdi Hassan, a resident in the town Al Shabaab forced hundreds of residents including women and children to watch the heinous killing of the alleged spy agents. Hassan added that dozens of masked fighters armed with Ak-47 rifles tied up the four men in an open area and killed them by a firing squad.

In areas under its control, Al Shabaab has carried out numerous executions, floggings, and amputations after summary trials in cases ranging from espionage to theft.

The militants, who are fighting to topple the UN-backed Somali Government, have in the recent past executed several members from Kenya accused of spying for the AU mission (AMISOM) as well as the US. Currently the terrorists group is faced with fiction following formation of splinter groups with one proclaiming allegiance to ISIS, the other of Local native Somalis and another group of International fighters.

Al Shabaab has executed several foreign fighters over spying allegations. Most of them who are Kenyans, led by Ahmed Iman, an Al Shabaab from Majengo, Nairobi are allegedly looking for a way back to Kenya even if it meant negotiating with the Kenyan Government that has a two million bounty on his capture.

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