Credible sources in Somalia suggest that there is a growing mistrust among the members of the group, which has led to the emergence of splinter groups within the Al-Shabaab. The splinter groups are on allegiance either to ISIS or remain with Al-Qaida. This has led to infighting within the group, which has seen many Al-Shabaab fighters killed for suspicion of spying on the group.

In April, fighting broke-out among Al-Shabaab factions in Somalia after the terror group executed Sheikh Said Balbul and Abu Karim. The two high ranking individuals had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Following the executions, Abu Musab (an Al-Shabaab militant) released a clip castigating the execution of the two and pledging allegiance to ISIS. The terror group’s dwindling fortunes have led to the leadership trying to align itself with other terror groups. Al-Shabaab has sustained its allegiance to Al-Qaeda for a long time, but the recent alliance with ISIS by some of its mid-level commanders suggest a rift in the group’s governance further threatening its waning influence in certain parts of Somalia.

The anxiety and suspicions among the members has to many especially the younger Somali fighters to surrender and pledge their allegiance to the Somalia government. On 13th May 2017, a Senior Al-Shabaab commander Abdullahi Bahar was killed in clashes between the different affiliates. The fighting, which took place near Baardhere, began when Abdullahi contacted Somali Government officials in Mogadishu in order to surrender. This did not go down well with the rest of the leadership who decided to launch an assault on him. After his death, militants loyal to the slain official planned to surrender to the Somalia Government in order to fulfill the wishes of their slain leader Bahar and act against the whims of his killers.

In another case of internal squabbles, two Kenyan Al-Shabaab fighters were killed as tensions rose between the terror groups’ foreign fighters and their Somali commanders over spying suspicions. Ahmed Yusuf Hassan and Ahmed Nur Abdi Osoble were executed on 2nd April by the Al-Shabaab firing squad in Buq Aqable, Hiraan region after being accused of collaborating with Somali government and AMISOM forces.

Other Kenyan fighters who have been executed in the infighting debacle include; Asum, Jared Omambia a former Moi University student and Faraj Abdulmajid from Mombasa. Four other foreign fighters were also executed in lower Jubba in 2016 on allegations that they were spying for the security agencies.

June 2017, the US government removed Abu Mansoor, one of Al Shabaab’s feared leaders, from its wanted list. This led to the terror group seeing this as a sign that he had defected from the group. The resultant tension saw Abu Mansoor pull out with a significant number of his strong followers and is camped in a mountainous area near Abal village. With the Al-Shabaab leadership seeing the removal of the US$ 5 Million bounty on Abu Mansoor as a sign that he has ditched them for the US government, fighting between the factions is expected.

The infightings are also being fueled by the quest for leadership positions. It is emerging that Al-Shabaabs’ leadership is increasingly targeting foreign fighters in an effort to eliminate them from leadership positions and ensure it is the preserve of local Somali fighters. With the group having a number of foreign fighters in its ranks, local Somali fighters are looking to edge out the foreigners and consolidate leadership. The threat paused by the foreign fighters, is their ease to form the allegiance with ISIS this they have more power from the funds and weapons shifting the balance of power from the older indigenous Al Shabaab who pledge their allegiance to Al Qaeda.

The quarrels have further led to several Al Shabaab combat failures in the hands of AMISOM troops. The militant group has lost most of its territory to AMISOM forces and many of its fighters have been killed in Attacks on their bases.




A flooded village inside Somalia

Kenya and other parts of East Africa are currently experiencing a heavy downpour that has left many areas flooded and inaccessible. However, the rains in Somalia have washed off an interesting find from the town of Jilib, an al Shabaab stronghold. The Friday 10th October morning saw the local women in Jilib come out immediately after the flash floods and were heard in a rather regrettable tone lamenting in Somali language, “Our children will get sick/infections, what are this?” All this was after bits and pieces of used condoms and packs were washed off after the flash floods following the Thursday night long down pour.

This discovery comes only a few weeks after pornographic content; videos, adult magazines and alcohol bottles were discovered in an al Shabaab hide-out inside Boni Forest. There has also been several rape and homosexuality accusations against the al alshabaab from female returnees who managed to escape from the terror group.

The Alshabaab group who are extremists and self-proclaimed core religious Muslims have only confirmed how far-fetched their beliefs are from Islam, to just a bunch of terrorists misusing and manipulating the Holy Quran for their own interests to mislead, maim and cause damage.

True Islam faithfuls have always stood against these terror groups and are quite keen to expose the activities of these terrorist groups especially in the recent past in order to protect their own in the region

Kenya tightens security as Al Shabaab purge begins in Mandera

Kenya Police on Thursday begun manhunt operations aimed to crackdown Al-shabaab suspects that are hiding their border along Somalia.

Authorities have released public notices warning against Al-shabaab plots with hundreds of troops being deployed across the capital and major cities in Kenya.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia has recently suspended Manadera’s bus services in fear of Al-shabaab attacks.

“We have decided to suspend the movement of buses along the road as we assess the security situation in the region “the official has said.

The suspension were declared after Al-shabaab fighters attacked a police escort in the outskirts of Mandera ,killing a number of civilians last week.

For the past four years, Al-shabaab had killed over hundreds in its attacks in Kenya.


Tanzania: Kagera Grenade Blast Kills 5 Pupils, Injures 24

Five pupils died while 24 others were injured on Wednesday morning when a grenade exploded at Kihinga Primary School, Ngara District in Kagera Region, police have confirmed.

Survivors of the incident have been rushed to Rulenge Mission Hospital in the district. In a telephone interview with the ‘Daily News,’ the Kagera Regional Police Commander, Augustine Olomi, said that the incident occurred at 8:40 am when pupils were gathered at the assembly.

Explaining the tragedy, RPC Ollomi said three children died on the spot while the other two succumbed to injuries receiving treatment at hospital. Investigations on the incident, involving police and Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) officers, according to the regional police boss, are underway.

Source: All Africa

Anti-terror police arrest two Tanzanians suspected to be Al Shabaab recruits

Detectives from Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) have arrested two Tanzanians on suspicion that they were travelling to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab. Isiolo County Police Commander Charles Ontita Tuesday said the foreigners were arrested by the detectives along the Isiolo-Moyale road near at the junction leading to Garba-Tula. ‘‘The officers on patrol stopped the bus heading to Moyale from Nairobi and found the two foreigners who did not have valid travel documents,’’ said Mr Ontita. Omar Mwalimu Kasambe alias Juma Abbas Zuberi (28) and Ali Juma Kaondo (17) told the detectives that they were travelling to Moyale to take up jobs of herdsmen they were offered there. Unconvinced, the cops searched their mobile phones and found several contacts with Somalia cell phone numbers. ‘‘They told the police officers that the Somalia numbers are for people they communicated with regarding the job offer,’’ said the officer. Ontita said the Tanzanians were arrested and taken to Isiolo police station. They are suspected to be heading to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab terror group. The officer said investigation that will also involve ATPU detectives from Nairobi and other State agencies had started.
Source: The Standard

Another Kenyan executed by Al Shabaab over spying allegations

Al Shabaab militants in Bualle town of Middle Jubba region have publicly executed four men accused of spying for the country’s Federal government and the AMISOM Forces on Monday 6th October 2017.

Al Shabaab confirmed the Monday morning executions in a statement posted on its affiliated websites, after the men were found guilty by it’s court in the district. The group identified the victims as Abdirisack Hashi Abas, Mustaf Moalom Hassan, both blamed for working with Ethiopian Intelligence, Mohamed Aba Mayow and Omar Adar Omar, A 25 Year old Kenyan from Garissa County, blamed for collaborating with NISA and AMISOM troops.

According to Abdi Hassan, a resident in the town Al Shabaab forced hundreds of residents including women and children to watch the heinous killing of the alleged spy agents. Hassan added that dozens of masked fighters armed with Ak-47 rifles tied up the four men in an open area and killed them by a firing squad.

In areas under its control, Al Shabaab has carried out numerous executions, floggings, and amputations after summary trials in cases ranging from espionage to theft.

The militants, who are fighting to topple the UN-backed Somali Government, have in the recent past executed several members from Kenya accused of spying for the AU mission (AMISOM) as well as the US. Currently the terrorists group is faced with fiction following formation of splinter groups with one proclaiming allegiance to ISIS, the other of Local native Somalis and another group of International fighters.

Al Shabaab has executed several foreign fighters over spying allegations. Most of them who are Kenyans, led by Ahmed Iman, an Al Shabaab from Majengo, Nairobi are allegedly looking for a way back to Kenya even if it meant negotiating with the Kenyan Government that has a two million bounty on his capture.

Somali National Army kills 5, capture 7 terrorist militants


Militants captured in the operation

Somali National Army has today on Monday killed five Al-Shabaab fighters and captured seven others in an on-going military operations in Middle and Lower Shabelle region, SONNA reported.

Gen. Omar Dhere, SNA Commander of 12 April Section told Somali National News Agency that the forces captured Basra in middle Shabelle region and Jambalul in lower Shabelle region and several areas during the operations.

” Five terrorist fighters killed, seven others were captured during the operation, the militants are escaping from those areas,but we purse and finish them soon”, Mr. Dhere said.

Such military development comes as Somali President, Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo announced a war against Al-Shabaab militants after the deadliest terrorist attack at Zope junction in Mogadishu that 358 people dead on 14th October, 2017

Source: SONNA