Aug 29, 2017

Selfless heroism! Policeman runs with 9kg live bomb on his back to save 400 school children

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Constable Patel pictured taking the heroic action.
A policeman in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has won praise after running with a 9kg live bomb on his back to save over 400 school children. Constable Abhishek Patel took the selfless and heroic action after the bomb was found at a school in the village of Chitora recently. He ran as far away as he could with the explosive device, which had the capacity to cause damage around a 457-meter radius.

He then threw it in a drain away from both the school and neighboring residential areas.
The device posed a risk to over 400 school children
In an interview, he said: “I wanted to take the bomb away from the school and the residential area in order to reduce the danger of collateral damage if the bomb exploded.”
Investigations are ongoing to establish who planted the device at the school. Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan awarded Patel Ksh81,000 for his bravery. The dad-of-two admitted that it was a risky move but said he had to take it because anything could have happened. His main focus was on saving the children.
Source: Tuko News
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