Aug 3, 2017

Police release terror suspect without charge

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Officers from the Anti-Terror Police Unit pick

Officers from the Anti-Terror Police Unit pick Salad Tari Gufu, 25, from the Huruma Police Station on July 20, 2017 where he surrendered after police listed him as a terror suspect.

The Moi University Student who was arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of being involved in terror activities has been released unconditionally.

Salad Tari Gufu, 25, was arrested at the Huruma Police Station by the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit, moments after he had presented himself to clear his name from the list of six suspects released by police.

But on Monday, the Nation has learnt, Senior Resident Magistrate Hellen Onkwani ordered for Mr Salad’s release, saying that “the respondent was not supposed to be arrested and it was his brother that was to be arrested.”


Mr Salad who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in education at the University’s main campus, had said that he is innocent and that he wanted to set the records straight with the security forces.

“I am not involved in any terror activities and I am not armed like the police are saying. I am a student at the Moi University and I just completed my attachment waiting to resume my studies in September after the elections,” Mr Salad said on the day he presented himself to the police.

After his release, Mr Salad said he was very happy to reunite with his family, ten days after his arrest and said he was willing to continue cooperating with the police in whatever way they may require. He said the police had treated him well while he was in their custody.


Police had placed a Sh2million bounty on Salad and five others, in the statement released on Wednesday, 19, July and described him as a recruiter and a facilitator of terror network. They also said that he was out of the country and that his brother was trying to help him sneak back into the country, an allegation that he denied.

But Mr Salad said he had been in Nairobi since the end of his attachment and that he stayed indoors since the police released a photo of him and five others accused of terrorism, for fear that he may be killed by police or victimised.


His half-brother, Mohammed Suleiman had said Salad was innocent and suspected that the police were linking him to terrorism because of his older brother, Gufu Tari Gufu who is currently in Somalia.

“His brother went to Somalia years back. We had tried to look for him for a long time and we later learnt that he may have joined Al-Shabaab. When Salad knew that, he disassociated with him and has not been communicating with him.

“My younger brother Salad is not a terrorist. He is a reliable and straightforward gentleman,” he said.

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