Captured al-Shabaab commander may have U.S. residence, officials say


Senior commander for al-Shabaab group who was captured by joint security forces in Galkayo city was reported to have U.S. residency, Garowe Online reports.

The commander identified as Abdirazaq Husain Tahliil aka “Ina Alool Geel” is the commander of operations for al-Shabaab group in Mudug region, was captured again on last Sunday along with other 4 militants.

In an interview with CNN, Pentagon officials said Tahliil was nabbed during a security operation conducted by U.S. and allied Somali security forces. The officials added that Tahliil might have been in the U.S. recently and the authorities are investigating the matter.

Pentagon officials hailed the successful operations which will have strong impact on the group’s terrorist operations in Mudug region and northern region of Puntland.

Tahliil was previously captured by Puntland security forces in November 2012, during the tenure of past administration led by former President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole. He was arrested for the possession of explosive-making materials inside his car.

Subsequently, the court sentenced him to death penalty, but later was released from the prison by the current Puntland President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali “Gaas” despite advice to reverse the decision due to the security risks Tahliil will pose on the region.

“U.S. forces supported allied Somali government forces’ mission to eradicate al-Shabaab group and deter threats in the horn of Africa and U.S.,” read a statement released by AFRICOM command in Africa.

U.S. forces conduct security operations in southern Somalia aimed to wipe out al-Shabaab bases and target senior commanders of the group.



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